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Sahaja Yoga

In the Sanskrit language:

"Sa" means "with"

"Ja" means "born"

"Yoga" means "union with the all-pervading power of Divine love"

Thus, "Sahaja Yoga" means that born with you is the power to unite you with the all-pervading power of Divine love.

In the entire creation, human beings are the most highly evolved beings, capable of becoming glorious personalities, beautiful, peaceful angels. Why then, there is no peace within modern human beings nor without? The poor and the rich alike are unhappy. Everywhere people are groping for solutions. At a limited mental level, the intellect can work out certain problems, things that we see around us that are in jeopardy. But while a few problems may be solved this way, others arise.

The Indian sage Bhrigumuni has made clear predictions about these modern times in his book Nadi Grantha. He specifically described how the Kundalini would be awakened spontaneously through Sahaja Yoga (spontaneous union with the Divine - also known as Self-Realization) and become the means of both individual and collective transformation on a mass scale. This is not an impossibility. In fact, it has already happened. There are so many thousands who have actually achieved this state.


The true solutions to all the problems of our world lie not in material circumstances outside human beings, but inside human beings themselves. Self-realization is the last breakthrough a human being has to achieve, for which there is a complete living machinery is already placed in the human spinal cord and in the brain.

Kundalini is the power of pure desire, placed at the base of the spine, in the Sacrum bone of human beings. This triangular bone was called Sacrum by the people in Greece in ancient times because they knew about this divine sacred power of Kundalini. That is why they called this bone sacred.


This Kundalini is born with you and the connection (Sahaja Yog) that you get with Her, is your birth right. The Kundalini is like a connecting cord as in every piece of electrical machinery, which connects the machinery to the main source of electricity. During the process of our evolution, we developed seven main energy centers (chakras) on the spinal cord and also in the brain. When the Kundalini is awakened it passes through six energy centers and ultimately pierces through the seventh main energy center in the Fontanel bone area (called Brahmarandra in Sanskrit) and connects human awareness to the all-pervading power of divine love.


When the Kundalini pierces the Brahmarandra, giving you the real baptism, then you feel the cool breeze coming out of your head and you feel cool breeze blowing into your hands. That is how you know you have got your self-realization. This is the only way for a human being to achieve Self-Realization (called Atmasakshatkar in Sanskrit) and develop the fourth dimension of awareness (spiritual dimension) called Turiya in Sanskrit. 

Problems exist in our lives because of problems/imbalance in our subtle system of energy. These energy centers are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and when they are affected or they are in jeopardy, people suffer from one disease or another. For example, a human being feels insecure when his/her heart chakra is in jeopardy. As a result of the awakening of the Kundalini and the nourishment of these centers, you will feel an inner balance and you will enjoy good health. When the Kundalini rises it corrects the problems in our subtle system.

Thus all our personal (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and collective (social, economical, political, environmental etc.) problems are solved as a by-product of self-realization. This living process is very clearly described in Indian scriptures since ancient times. Of course, every religion has talked about our second birth and also about the tree of life.

Also, meditation is not something that can be “done” - you have to "be" in meditation. Meditation is a state of awareness that one experiences when our Kundailni energy reaches and opens the sixth energy center (Agnya chakra) in our subtle system of energy. This is the ONLY real way to be in the state of meditation. When you are in meditation, you are in "thoughtless awareness" (called Nirvachara Samadhi in Sanskrit). In this state you are completely thoughtless and completely aware - there's no hypnosis, mind-games, auto-suggestion or mesmerism going on. You are neither in the future nor in the past, but you are in the present where there is no thought. It is a state of absolute peace and eternal joy (Nirananda). In this state we start growing spiritually.

After self-realization through daily meditation and cleansing of the subtle system we can help our Kundalini to cure all our problems. All living processes are simple (e.g. breathing), so is Sahaja Yoga. 


It is important to understand that the awakening of the Kundalini and the attainment of self-realization is a blessing of the Divine. One does not have to starve, fast, chant etc. for it - nothing is needed but a humble heart which is surrendered. 


To attain self-realization, one cannot command, one cannot pay, and one cannot disrespect.

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