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About Us

Universal Golden Age nonprofit organization provides FREE Sahaja Yoga meditation programs that enlighten, educate and empower human beings to achieve a balanced physical, mental, and emotional state of existence through the practice of Sahaja Yoga.


Our most requested program is a 21-day meditation program (one hour per day, live online or in-person). However, you are welcome to discuss scheduling a program of a different duration, to suit your needs.

What is our goal?

In the entire creation, human beings are the most highly evolved beings, capable of becoming glorious personalities, beautiful, peaceful angels.  But in today's world, when there is no peace within modern human beings, we dream of living in a world where:

  • People will have no more tensions and no mental problems.

  • No diseases and no physical problems.

  • No emotional problems.

  • People will be totally free and a complete master of themselves so that nothing can dominate them - no bad habits, no diseases, no negative forces - nothing can dominate them.

  • People become extremely peaceful, joyous, knowledgeable, and above all develop a very balance personality.

What does a typical Sahaja Yoga program include?

  • Achieve your Yoga (self-realization) through the awakening of your own Kundalini energy.

  • Experience the true state of meditation and thoughtless awareness.

  • Learn how to identify imbalance in your subtle system of energy.

  • Learn the impact of the imbalance of subtle system in your daily life.

  • Learn how to bring the subtle system of energy back into balance.

  • Experience the transformation that a balanced subtle system of energy creates in life.

  • Establish a daily meditation practice that is easy to follow on your own.

  • Connect with thousands and thousands of people practicing Sahaja Yoga throughout the world.

  • Experience improvement and wellbeing in all aspects of your life.

  • Jump into the ocean of joy.

Are all programs really free?

Yes, all programs are provided free of cost throughout the world. Sahaja Yoga and all of its benefits are easily attainable without any effort and without paying any money. 

Who can attend the programs?

Programs are open to everyone. They can be attended by adults and children of all ages.

Do we offer custom meditation programs?

Email us at to create a custom meditation program that fits the needs of your organization.

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