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What program attendees are saying

Meditation has been something I have truly wanted to learn and still learning.  Having this available thru work has really been enlightening.  Thank you for the sessions I have been able to attend and hope I'm able to engage in future sessions.

~ Julie, Oracle America ~ Year 2022

Thanks for the Sahaja Yoga sessions conducted by you and they were and are very helpful to me. It made my thoughts still and me a very composed person. Thanks again for your sincere efforts. Wish you all the best. 

~ Vijay, Senior Member Technical Staff, Oracle India ~ Year 2022

Very Calming. Thank you for your labour of love. All the very BEST in your future endeavours. 

~ Tari, Senior Analyst, Oracle United Kingdom ~ Year 2022

Your sessions were wonderful. I wish you can make a difference to this generation of human beings with your non profit.

~ Bhaskar, Consulting Practice Director, Oracle India Year 2022

Thank you for spreading the good word about yoga.

~ Kimalee, Senior Project Manager, Oracle Australia Year 2022

All the very best. Sahaj yoga sessions were very helpful. I would like to be informed.

~ Anjana, Senior Project Manager, Oracle India ~ Year 2022

Thanks much for your generosity in offering these session to this community, in spite of time zone differences etc. We will miss you. Here is wishing the best for your journey forward.

~ Pearl, Senior Organization Development Consultant Oracle Singapore ~ Year 2022

I am humbly grateful to Nishtha for sharing her passion of Sahaja yoga and meditation practice with me.  At first, I was very skeptical and my monkey mind was analyzing every little detail about mastering the process steps, subtle energy chakra system, mantras, foot soak and creating self-sabotaging excuses that this will take so much time, energy and effort.


I vividly remember having long, bad, low energy days suffering with my chronic illness symptoms of migraine headaches, joint pain, chronic fatigue and made the positive wise choice of joining Sahaja yoga meditation series sessions through Oracle to experiment, explore alternative healing techniques rather than the conventional traditional medicine ways.


In one of the weekly series sessions, I recollect focusing on the red bindi, directing my attention inwards in deep prayer and meditation chanting simple forgiveness message and felt the powerful presence of white light energy within my body. My mind, heart and body felt so much lighter with loving, peaceful, harmonious thoughts and feelings


Sahaja yoga and meditation is an extra ordinary practice and one of my self-healing go-to tricks in the bag! It is indeed amazing experience which is hard to describe in words and you have to feel your feelings and sensations, trust the mother nature and your own kundalini to guide you and tap into your own internal power to heal yourself which requires dedication and commitment.


In fact, I absolutely love the bandhan (protective shield) practice which is quick and effortless and I have incorporated it in my daily life especially during these pandemic adjusting times. I feel blessed to have encountered Nishtha who is so kind, loving, giving and professional expert at breaking down the complex subtle energy chakra system information into layman terms and I really appreciate her valuable teachings of self-care, love, acceptance, forgiveness and realization. Thank you! 

~ Shirleen, Senior Compensation Analyst, Oracle America ~ Year 2022

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