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Swadhishthan Chakra

Basic Essence

Basis or essence (tattwa) of chakra : Bhurva (Antariksh - the whole Creation, the universe that is created - that is how we get creativity from Swadhishthana), Technique of the divine power, Pure Knowledge, Aesthetics

Element that the chakra is made from: Earth, Water

Overall force and energy of chakra: Attention

"Swadhishthana is made of earth and water; so the sea is the best for Swadhishthana. If you could go to the sea and work out on Swadhishthana it will be the best for you; any ocean. Or you can use salt and water (footsoak) for Swadhishthana, will be very good." Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, London (England), 24 April 1980

Location on Head, Hands and Feet

Area marked as number 2

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Introduction to Chakra


  • Swadhishthana chakra lies above the Kundalini, above the Sacrum bone.

  • This chakra moves around the stomach and manifests the Aortic plexus.

  • Swadhishthan chakra is responsible for the following:

    • It supplies energy and looks after all the organs of the viscera, of the abdomen - liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, uterus, lower part of the large intestines.
    • It transforms the fat cells (in the stomach) into grey cells for the use of the brain because the brain is made of fat. When a person thinks too much and plans too much, his brain is used, his cells are used, and it needs more and more fat, from where does he get it? He gets it through the work of this one poor chakra within us. When this chakra gets tired because if it has to work to continuously to supply grey cells for the brain, it neglects other organs which are very vital to us and we develop many problems (more details below).

    • This is the center of creativity and looks after the creative side within us. Swadhishthan chakra can give you creativity if you remain balanced (have a balanced subtle system). The quality of this chakra is that you become creative. Your creativity increases. People who never even wrote a line start writing poetry. People who had never given a speech start giving long speeches. People who had never painted, never been artistic, develop a great sense of art. They create art which is very beautiful, very deep and absolutely spiritual. But if you are not spontaneous and not in the centre (do not have a balanced subtle system), what you know about something or what ever you try to create is just a mental projection - like modern fashions.

  • Note: when you are receiving your self-realization, at the Swadhishthana chakra you ask six times "Mother please give me pure knowledge." This is because the Swadhishthana chakra has six petals and as soon as you ask for pure knowledge the Kundalini starts rising.

How Left Swadhishthana gets into imbalance:

  • Left Swadhishthana gets into imbalance in people who indulge in unauthorized ways of God. It means that you are practicing something which is unauthorized, something which is blasphemous, something which is anti-God. For example:

    • This chakra catches when you have been to a person or bowed before a person who is not authorized by God. (catch = imbalance on the chakra/energy center)

    • When a person is unauthorized, using unauthorized ways of handling (or tampering with) somebody's psyche - people such as psychologists, spiritualists, hypnotists, clairvoyants, mediums, tantrikas, wrong types of gurus, people who preach the gospel or talk of God without getting self-realization etc. - all such people who are unauthorized catch on this centreA doctor may tie a mask to save himself from infections. But a psychologist does not know how he is harmed by tampering with other people's psyche. They do not know how to protect themselves.

    • Left Swadhishthana catches when a person has been indulging into black magic, or is under the influence of the black magic. 

    • Mostly people who are possessed (by dead spirits) catch on the left Swadhishthana.

  • Left Swadhishthana also catches from our own desire for wrong things. For example, suppose somebody wants a refrigerator and keeps on thinking of it because he thinks it will give him more comfort. But when he brings the refrigerator, he knows that it does not give him lasting comfort. That person then starts desiring for something else that "he thinks" will bring him comfort. 

  • Even if you live with a mad person or if you go to a lunatic asylum, you catch from those people. That’s how your left side gets caught up and you find that left side starts working in such a manner that you develop all left side problems.

  • You also catch on left Swadhishthana when a person is extremely hard working (called as Atikarmi in the book of Gita). "Atikarmi" means the one who works very hard for material things and for physical being and doing all kinds of yoga at the same time just to have a nice body or to have a nice house or to have a nice aura of material well being. Such a person always catches on the left Swadhishthan.

  • Note: additional complications can occur in some situations. For example: when a person has been to psychiatrists, then purely left swadhishthana will be caught up. But when you are affected by a false guru, your left swadhishthana and VOID both will be caught up.

Impact of imbalanced left Swadishthana:

  • Left side problems - depression, epilepsy, all kinds of modern pressures (guilt, diffidence, suicide, lunacy etc.) - all such things come from your left side.

  • Cancer is caused by left Swadhishthana to begin with - which means if you have any unauthorized understanding of God - cancer starts from there. 

  • Left Swadhishthan can also give you a very dry personality. You could become a very dry person, extremely dry. It dries out your warmth and your sweetness. That’s why you find in this world people you see so-called intellectuals - the way they talk sometimes, you feel you are talking to a machine. There is no feeling in that person. When you talk to that person, you feel what is the matter with this person? What has happened to him? Why is he so abnormal? 

  • Note: human being's forehead is not to be bowed to anybody else but to an incarnation. And those who bow this head to a person who is not an incarnation, who is not a realized soul, get a very serious problem called the Ekadasha Rudra - it is the complete blockage in the lower base of the brain. 

How Right Swadhishthana gets into imbalance:

  • If a person is catching on the right Swadhishthana, it means that the person is using too much of his creativity; he is imbalanced as far as creativity is concerned. For example: an artist, a person who is a speaker or a writer. Any person who has used his creative power too much gives you a feeling of hot vibrations on the right Swadhishthana.

  • A person who is thinking all the time, mentally using his capacity to produce something for the future (because right side is for the future), if you are a big planner and all time you are planning, and if the planning has got into you as a habit, then the right Swadhishthana starts working very fast. 

  • For example: in the morning you get up, have a wash, go to the office, come back home, work out, then again you go through the next day. You have no time for your wife, or children or anything. You are a busy man, then have your diabetes, heart attacks etc. because of the left side being neglected. At this stage the other side (left side) is completely neglected. Because of the neglect the left side becomes frozen and that’s how such people develop diseases because of imbalance.

Impact of imbalanced right Swadishthana:​​

  • When you keep on thinking, Swadhishthana chakra has to work very hard to provide a continuous supply of the grey cells for use by the brain to support this thinking activity. It gets programmed for this one work and neglects the other organs it is responsible for. As a result, you become vulnerable and your organs can go out of order. 

  • Liver problem is the first blessing of imbalanced thinking. When you become very right-sided, the first problem that starts is that your liver goes out of order.  A bad liver is the start of a lot of problems. The function of the liver is to take all the heat from the whole body, and eliminate it into the bloodstream. When liver is not attended to, or doesn’t get sufficient energy, it starts working very hard and becomes an overactive liver. As a result the heat cannot be removed into the blood, so the heat starts moving upward and downwards. When the heat moves upwards, the lungs absorb it and become coagulated - you develop asthma. When the heat descends down, it affects your kidneys, causes constipation etc. A person with an overactive liver starts thinning down, doesn’t feel like eating any food, gets migraines, early in the morning when he gets up he feels giddy, feels like vomiting, cannot stand traveling etc. All these things are due to this liver, which is being neglected by the Swadhishthana chakra.

  • Diabetes:

    • People get diabetes when the pancreas are neglected by the Swadhishthana chakra. The function of pancreas is to dissolve the sugar for use of the body. But because this organ is neglected, you get diabetes. Simple people like farmers in India, even if they take 1kg of sugar every day will never get diabetes. This is for people who are sedentary and people who think too much (advanced modern intellectuals sitting on chairs ) who get diabetes, especially the planners. If you are a very great thinker, if you are always planning out things, then you get diabetes because you are using your right Swadishthana too much. Most of the politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats etc. get diabetes. 

    • If you excite the right Swadishthana, your left nabhi becomes frozen (goes into complete imbalance). This happens because overactivity of right Swadishthana has an effect on left Nabhi. You will notice that if you have an overworked right Swadhishthana, you neglect your wife and become harsh to her. People who are great planners, those who organize their offices very well etc. are very unkind to their wives. This is because their left side becomes weak and that makes your Spleen and Pancreas very weak and that’s how you get diabetes. Sahaja Yoga can cure diabetes by giving you balance. It’s a question of bringing balance to your imbalanced life.

    • Note: Ideally, when you are married, you must love your wife and spend time with her. She is the one who is your companion, she is the one who should be consulted, you must be with her and that should be your greatest joy in life (as far as the material side is concerned this is very important). Otherwise why should a person like Shri Rama, who was an incarnation, should run after his wife Shri Sita? Thus, it is very important for men that their left Nabhi should remain alright because otherwise they will get diabetes, kidney trouble, they will become harsh husbands, very dry people etc. Wrong types of gurus excite your right Swadishthana, which spoils your left nabhi - not through any power or knowledge but just by spoiling you - by putting you on an ego trip. Those who are on the ego trip always have a bad left Nabhi. 

    • Then, due to diabetes eyes become weak and some people even lose their eyesight. This is because at the back of the head, there is Swadhishthana Chakra and Mooladhara chakra. When you get diabetes, your Swadishthana chakra becomes weak. Due to this, the Swadhishthana chakra presses on the Mooladhara chakra (which controls the power to the eyes, the light to the eyes). Once it starts oppressing the Mooladhara chakra, you start losing your eyesight. Even though the eyes are open, you are not able to see. The same thing happens when you are possessed (by a dead spirit) - you will have your eyes but there will be no light and you will not be able to see. 

    • If the parents are like that, then children will get diabetes from their birth.  So you can imagine how dangerous it is to have this wasteful thinking of the future. 

  • Worst is the impact on spleen. The function of the spleen is to produce red blood corpuscles when there is an emergency. In the modern world, people are so fast in every aspect of life - we are very speedy people. Spleen gives us the rhythm - it is the speedometer within us and has to keep up with our speed. For example: these days it is very common to start reading news as soon as we wake up in the morning. Due to this, first of all, an emergency is created because news in this modern era only talks about disasters. But by reading such news early in the morning , the stomach goes wobbly and an emergency starts (speedometer starts working). Then you look at the watch, rush to get ready for work, jump into your car, eat breakfast while driving through a traffic jam, and also worry about getting scolded by the boss for being late. All this time the spleen keeps adjusting to one emergency after another and starts producing more and more red blood cells to cope with these emergencies. If you are always in an emergency then the spleen becomes crazy. At this time if there is any attack from the left side (emotional disturbance), you can get a very serious disease called leukemia (blood cancer). Parents of this nature will create children suffering from leukemia. By giving vibrations you can make the spleen steady and the speediness can be brought down.

  • Kidneys also get neglected and start acting in a very funny manner, so the blood pressure goes up. Kidneys get coagulated with the heat (just like the lungs) and you get kidney trouble.

  • And ultimately the heat might rise to your heart and you may have a massive heart attack

  • Then, you start taking to alcohol because you want to compensate for your over-activity. But actually as a result of consuming alcohol, the liver becomes even worse - this vicious circle continues till you get Cirrhosis of liver or some other horrible liver disease. In a subtler way, the liver looks after our attention. Alcohol is completely against our awareness because it goes against our attention. So the result of consuming alcohol is having an attention which is very wobbly. A person who has a bad liver always is a very hot-tempered person. This is why some people are always roaring or barking at others instead of talking like normal human beings.

  • Alcoholism starts in the right side and creates left side problems.

  • All of these problems can be cured by Sahaja Yoga. The methods are very simple which you can easily learn and cure yourself, as well as you can cure others - you can become absolute masters. But for that, first of all, you must get your self-realization.  You must know yourself, know these vibrations and know how to use them.  You can become an expert doctor without even going to the medical colleges.  On your fingertips you can feel all the energy centers (chakras) and where the problems are. And if you know how to cure these energy centers, then you can cure yourself and cure others also. 

How to bring Swadhishthan into balance after Self-Realization:

  • Swadishthana is made of earth and water; so the sea is the best for Swadhishthana. If you could go to the sea and work out on Swadishthana it will be the best for you; any ocean. Or you can use salt and water (footsoak) for Swadishthana, will be very good.

  • Left Swadhishthana imbalances (also all the left sided problems in general): 

    • Should be solved with a candle or light or fire (anything that is light). When using a flame, watch the flame - don't burn yourself or things around you! 

    • Raise the energy from the right side and put it on the left side.

    • Use mantras (see section below).

  • Right Swadhishthana imbalances:

    • ​Raise the energy of your left side and put it on the right side. This works for all right side problems.

    • Put ice pack on liver - 5-10 minutes is sufficient.

    • Footsoak.

    • Use mantras (see section below).

  • Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's talks related to Swadhishthana Chakra:

Presiding Deities and Mantras

Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 5.10.45 AM.png

Shri Saraswati

Left Swadhishthana

Driving Force: Shri Nirmala Vidya (pure knowledge), Shri Shuddha Ichha (pure desire)

Quality: Pure knowledge and pure desire 

Mantra in Sanskrit language:

  • Aum Twameva Sakshat
    Shri Nirmala Vidya Sakshat
    Shri Adi Shakti Mataji
    Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah

  • Aum Twameva Sakshat
    Shri Shuddha Ichha Sakshat
    Shri Adi Shakti Mataji
    Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah

Mantras/Prayers in English language: 

  • Shri Mataji, please give me pure knowledge.

  • Shri Mataji, please give me the pure knowledge of the technique of how to raise your Kundalini.

  • Shri Mataji, please give me pure desire.

Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 5.11.06 AM.png

Shri Brahmadeva

Center and Right Swadhishthana

Presiding Deity (Center and Right): Shri Brahmadeva, Shri Saraswati

Presiding Deity (Right): Shri Hazrat Ali (relates to right Swadhishthana) Shri Fatima (relates to left Nabhi)

Quality: Creativity, aesthetics and action

Mantra in Sanskrit language:

  • Aum Twameva Sakshat
    Shri Brahmadeva Saraswati Sakshat
    Shri Adi Shakti Mataji
    Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah

  • Aum Twameva Sakshat
    Shri Hazrat Ali Fatima Bi Sakshat
    Shri Adi Shakti Mataji
    Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah

Mantras/Prayers in English language: 

  • Shri Mataji, I do nothing. You are the doer and You are the enjoyer.

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