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What is this Parasympathetic Nervous System? – Part 1

Parasympathetic is the evolutionary process. It works at different levels of our evolution.

For example: at the stage of matter, it does the organization of the periodic tables.

When we rise higher, as an animal, the Parasympathetic gives us the understanding of eating and seeking food - by which animals seek food.

Then it gives us the feeling of protection, so we seek protection. Animals also seek protection.

That’s how the evolution goes on – by giving these feelings within us. Or we can say that as the Parasympathetic starts manifesting higher and higher, the seeking starts becoming higher and higher.

At the human stage people seek food and protection. When we achieve that, we seek power, we seek money, we seek possessions, we seek possession of other people (which is sometimes called as love). We seek all kinds of such things but still our seeking is not finished – still we keep seeking.

At that stage the Parasympathetic creates an urge within human beings that we have to seek something higher.

This last feeling after the human stage is to be manifested and for that there is a residual force placed within us called as ‘Kundalini’. Kundalini is the power of desire to be one with the Divine vital force. It is "residual" because it is not yet manifested. That’s why it rests in the Sacrum bone. Sacrum means sacred. When this force rises through the various energy centers (chakras) and pierces through the Fontanel bone area, we get the cool breeze coming out of our head.

For this we don’t need any medical science, any laboratory, nothing. Just put your hand on top of such (self-realized) a person and you can feel the cool breeze coming out of such a person. Not only that, but that person himself feels the cool breeze coming out of his head. And after some time, he feels it coming out of his own hands. Then he tries to use this power and finds that this is the power that works out all the cures.

So, we have to realize and accept that at the stage of the human level we cannot achieve the fourth dimension (Parasympathetic). We have to become something more.

And this is the thing where the people who want to cheat us for money have used. They brainwash us and we become a different person. They put some possessions in us - we become possessed and we think that we have already been something different.

But to be different is not the point - to be HIGHER is the ultimate goal.

And “higher” means a person who has full control over himself, who is completely relaxed, who is at peace, who is compassionate and who is a higher personality. Anybody who is physically fit, by no chance is a very evolved person or who has got the fourth dimension. On the contrary such physically fit people are also seeking peace in this world.

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