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What is Love?

It is said that the greatest virtue of a human being is to love. But the way human beings understand love and describe love is all nonsense because it is all done through our ego. We have to love from our heart, but where is the heart? The heart is all covered with ego. So our idea of love comes to us from our ego and is nothing but a very subtle expression of our ego (make-belief, dramatic stuff).

For example: a husband should bring a flower for the wife and the wife must smile. Whether the husband really wants to bring the flower or not, or whether the wife really feels like smiling or not, they must do these activities to prove that they love each other. This is not love.

We want that we should love others but how can we love when we analyze everything about everyone through our ego? We deaden the person completely by analysis.

Love is a state of the heart that one has to achieve. <3 <3 <3

It is a state where we do not judge anyone. Even when we know that there is a defect in the other person, we envelope it with our love and make a beautiful pearl out of it. Like the sunshine that spreads everywhere - it doesn’t see any defects, it just gives and gives and gives. That’s the state of love where one just gives without consideration of “my”, “mine”, or any material considerations.

Real love gives forgiveness that we enjoy. It gives us complete confidence, self respect and respect of another person’s feelings. It is the communication of the Spirit with others. If all the oceans become the ink and the sky becomes paper, we will still not have enough words to describe how beautiful, how energy giving, and how radiant real love is.

To experience this love before Self-Realization is not possible because the heart turns into a stone with all the burden from this ego. After Self-Realization, in the radiance of our Spirit, the heart starts melting and we can feel and experience real love. This is the love that is seen in the eyes of a child, in the beauty of a flower, in the sun that shines everyday, and in the seed that is sprouted by Mother Earth. This is the power that will emancipate our entire universe.

With Love :)

Your friends in Sahaja Yoga <3

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