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What is Meditation?

Meditation means exposing yourself to God’s grace

Sahaja Yogi children love to meditate everyday!
Photo credit: Sahaja Yogini Rita Dulanyi :-)

You cannot "do" meditation. You have to be "in" meditation.


The basic thing is that you cannot meditate - you get into meditation when the Kundalini rises and pierces through the energy center (chakra) of Agnya, she sucks in your ego and superego and you jump into the awareness which is called as Thoughtless Awareness or Nirvichar Samadhi (in Sanskrit language). 

Meditation is a living process. If anybody tells you that you can meditate yourself or that you have to pay for meditation is not telling the truth.

Daily Meditation

You have to practice how to get into the meditative Thoughtless Awareness. This is the state where you know everything but there's no thought. You are aware but you are thoughtless. That is, you are in the present. You are neither in the future nor in the past, but you are the present where there is no thought. You watch everything, you see everything; but you do not react to anything. 


In meditation, you grow spiritually. In meditation, you will also feel peace - you achieve the state of peace inside you. So you have to achieve a state of thoughtless awareness which is very easy for you, but you have to give some time.

Meditation is a part and parcel of our lives. As human beings have to breathe, they have to meditate. If you do not meditate, you can never grow - you'll remain the same. The growth of a personality takes place only when you meditate and become deeper. Superficiality is not going to help and this is the reason why one has to meditate. But not for a long period - just for five to ten minutes every day morning and evening should be done every day.


Regardless of where you are, please meditate everyday.

Also, there are collective meditation programs (happening worldwide) which you should also attend.

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