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Subtle System (Instrument of Awareness)

The spiritual instrument of awareness (yantra) of the cosmic and microcosmic (individual) evolution.

The human psycho-somatic instrument is in-built each and every individual.

Subtle System

Use this chart to understand the energy channels and energy centers described below

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"Nadis" in the Subtle System (Energy Channels)

Within our subtle system there are THREE main energy channels.

Energy Channels

The one in the middle is called Sushumna, which caters to the Parasympathetic Nervous System (or the Autonomous Nervous System).

The one on the left looks after the left Sympathetic Nervous System.

The one on the right looks after the right Sympathetic Nervous System.

Now, it is not accepted yet, or discovered yet, in medical science that the left and the right sympathetic nervous systems are two different juxtaposed systems. Their functions are absolutely opposite to each other.

Ida Nadi

Left Energy Channel

The left side channel is called Ida Nadi and is connected to the right side and the back of the brain. The two left and right channels cross at the Agnya Chakra level. This channel caters for the left sympathetic nervous system. This channel looks after our emotional life and our past. It is the channel which creates our past. Whatever is the present today becomes the past tomorrow. The subconscious mind receives information from this channel. The sub-conscious mind has an age-old collective sub-conscious mind beyond it. Everything that was in the past since creation resides dormant in the collective subconscious. This collective subconscious has stored and collected in it all that is dead in the evolutionary process. Whatever is dead or gone out of circulation of evolution and also whatever is spilling out of the subconscious mind goes into the collective subconscious mind. 

Ida Nadi is also known as the Moon Channel. It begins at the Mooladhara Charka and runs up the left side, crossing the Agnya chakra into the temple forming Superego on the Right Agnya and the right side of the brain. It provides conduit for the energy of our desire. Past experiences are stored as superego and determine our conditionings. The color of this nadi is blue and and has Shri Maha Kali and Shri Bhairava its controlling deities.

Pingla Nadi

Right Energy Channel

The right side channel is called as Pingala Nadi, which crosses Ida Nadi at the Agnya Chakra level. It is connected with the left side and the front of the brain. This channel caters for the right sympathetic nervous system. On the right hand side there is the supra-conscious mind, which creates our future. Whatever we think about for our future is recorded on the right hand side, and it also has a collective supraconsious, which has got all that is dead, which happened due to our over ambitious, futuristic personalities, aggressive animals or plants.

Pingala Nadi is also called the Sun Channel. It begins at the Swadishthana Chakra and travels up the right side. It crosses over to the left temple to form Ego at the Left Agnya Chakra. It provides conduit for active energy which comprises of our mental and physical activities. Its color is yellow and has Shri Maha Saraswati and Shri Hanumana as its controlling deities.

Sushumna Nadi

Central Energy Channel

The central path is called the Suhumna, through which the kundalini passes to pierce through the Fontanelle bone area (Brahmarandra) to enter into the subtle energy of All-Pervading Power of Divine Love. This is how the actualization of Self-Realization (Baptism) takes place. First the hands feel at the fontanelle bone area and on the finger tips the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. The hands are steady, they do not shake, but the seeker feels the ripples of cool breeze. For the first time he feels the existence of this all-pervading power of divine love.

It is easy to deny, but no use for a real seeker of truth to deny that there is any such thing as an all-pervading power, because one has not yet felt it. As already stated, one has to have a very open mind, like a scientist. Whatever may be the absolute truth for a saint, may not be for an ordinary human being. Still one can keep one’s mind open and see for one self and if it works out, then one would have an enlightened faith in Sahaja Yoga and not a blind faith.

As earnest, honest people, one must understand that this is for the transformation of all people who have been waiting for their ascent. All our problems come from human beings. If human beings are transformed into a new realm of reality, of collective consciousness when they are aware of themselves (Self-Knowledge) and also aware within themselves about others, as innate knowledge on their central nervous system, the entire problem of our personal, social, economic, and political life, will be solved. But for that one has to become humble and should know that science cannot explain how the living process works. The principles of this power can only be understood when one feels this power after Self-Realization.

Ida Nadi
Pingala Nadi
Sushumna Nadi
Flower Arrangement 5

"Chakras" in the Subtle System (Energy Centers)

Within our subtle system there are SEVEN main energy centers

Flower Arrangement 5
Energy Centers

Mooladhara Chakra

First Energy Center



  • Characteristics:
    • This chakra has 4 petals and grants the following qualities to a human being: Innocence, Wisdom, Purity, Chastity

    • "Mool" means “root” and "Adhar" means “support”. Thus, Mooladhar chakra = support of the root, the Kundalini.

    • It lies below the Kundalini, below the Sacrum bone, and manifests the Pelvic plexus within us, inclusive of sex activity.

    • This chakra does not play any role in the piercing the fontanelle bone area (self-realization). It just lies dormant, looking after the protocol of the Kundalini. 

    • On this chakra resides the deity of Shri Ganesha, who is the embodiment of innocence (for this entire universe, this has nothing to do with any specific religion). 

    • Shri Ganesha incarnated on this earth as Jesus Christ.

    • Mooladhara chakra is made of – Carbon atoms because it is made of the earth element.

      • Carbon is made by mother earth and has four valences, with four hands just like a Ganesha. 

      • That is the quality that is given to Carbon by God - that is its dharma.

      • Every element has got a different property (different valency) that is the dharma of every element.

      • Every animal also has got a certain quality, that is the dharma of an animal.

      • Human beings also have some sustaining qualities which are 10 in number and must be maintained through the 10 laws (10 commandments). These are in the Void area.

  • Physical problems due to problems in Mooladhara Chakra: 

    • In the gross body this chakra controls the following functions. A physical problem in these 2 areas is somewhere or the other linked to imbalance in the Moladhara chakra:

      • Excretion

      • Reproduction

    • All the incurable diseases like muscular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, myelitis, cancer, schizophrenia, AIDS etc. come because of the disturbance in Mooladhara. 

  • How to bring Mooladhara into balance (after Self-Realization):

    • Mother Earth is the easiest way to clear/cure the Mooladhara chakra (and the entire left-side in general).

    • Sit on the ground (earth), put your left hand towards Shri Mataji’s photograph and right hand on Mother Earth, and ask Mother Earth to remove the problems of your Mooladhara. You can also take the mantra of Shri Ganesha or read Ganesha Atharvasheesha.

    • By taking vibrations on the left-hand side, you clear out your Mooladhara in such a manner that the problems of the Mooladhara are solved. This is very important for all human beings.

    • Mother earth clears your Mooladhara and fills you up with holiness and auspiciousness.

    • Try to sit on the ground as much as you can and cleanse it out using the method described above, and meditate.

    • Another way to use the nature is to put your eyes onto the greenery to improve your Ganesha Tatwa. When the weather is warm walking barefoot on grass in the morning-time is very helpful.

    • NOTE: If you are not able to sit on the ground, sitting on a chair is fine. Follow the same process by keeping your right hand towards the earth.

  • A human being who has a strong Mooladhara has many qualities and powers. Some of them are that:

    • That person’s Kundalini rises very fast (for achieving self-realization).

    • They don’t insult anybody, hurt anybody, or make anybody sad

    • They don’t blame other people for their problems

    • If they see anything wrong, they will fearlessly speak against it (in divine wisdom, not foolishly or blindly).

    • Wherever there is adharma (non-righteousness), just by standing there they can create a change (for example: people like Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi).

  • We (human beings) have to become rich in our innocence and holiness, and very powerful, so that we can emit holiness everywhere. This can only be achieved through a strong and healthy Mooladhara Chakra. One should know that innocence can never be destroyed. It is indestructible, though it might be covered with lots of clouds due to perverted human sexual behavior. Thinking of relating everything to sex we become sex oriented, reduce to sex points and our behavior is no more humane but becomes even worse than animals. Flirtation, abuse of children by parents etc. Despite all arbitrary abandonment of natural laws, the innocence, the power of Mooladhara, remains, though in a sleeping or a sick state which can be cured and normalized through Kundaini awakening. Innocence is the power that really supports the Kundaini when it is rising and normalizing all the centers.

Swadishthana Chakra

Second Energy Center


The second center is called the Swadishthana center. It has six petals and caters on the physical level to functions of the Aortic Plexus, and is one which supplies us with the energy of creativity, of thinking, of being futuristic. It supplies power to the brain cells by converting fat cells into brain cells.

In many people, one can see with the naked eye the rising of the Kundaini, whenever there is an obstruction in the higher centers. But if there is an obstruction in the second or third center, one can see the triangular bone pulsating like a heart.  

Nabhi Chakra

Third Energy Center


The third center is called as Nabhi center and has ten petals. It is behind the navel, and this center gives us the power to sustain something within ourselves. On the physical level, it caters to the functions of the Solar Plexus.

This center on one side is made of water, another side with fire, around it are our ten valencies which we can call our innate religion within ourselves.


Ocean of Illusion


Coming soon...

Anahat Chakra

Fourth Energy Center


The fourth center is called as the Anahat Chakra, meaning the heart center. It has twelve petals and it is placed behind the sternum in the spinal cord. This center produces anti-bodies till the age of twelve years, and then these anti-bodies are circulated into the whole body to be ready to fight any kind of attack on the body or on the mind. If there is any attack on the person, these antibodies are informed through the sternum, which has a remote control of information.

Vishuddhi Chakra

Fifth Energy Center


The fifth center is called as Vishuddhi chakra. This is placed in the neck of the human beings and it has sixteen petals which look after the ears, nose, throat, neck, tongue, teeth etc. This center is responsible for communication with others, because through our eyes, through our nose, through our speech, through our hands, we communicate with others. On the physical level it caters for te Cervical Plexus.

Agnya Chakra

Sixth Energy Center


The sixth energy center is called Agnya Chakra and has only two petals. This is the center placed where the two optic nerves cross each other in the brain (Optic Chiasma). This center caters for the pituitary and pineal body which manifest the two institutions of ego and superego within us.

Sahasrara Chakra

Seventh Energy Center


The seventh center, the most important center, is the Sahasrara, which has got, according to Sahaja Yoga, a thousand petals. Actually there are a thousand nerves, and if you cut the transverse section of the brain you can see that all these petal-like structures of the brain are forming a lotus of a thousand petals. This center of a thousand petals covers the limbic area of the brain, before realization, like a closed bud of a lotus. Above this are covering the balloon-like structures of the ego and superego. As the brain is covered completely when these two institutions join and calcification takes place on top of the head (Fontanelle bone area), that is how we become a closed personality, like an egg. At the time of our awakening, of our second birth (Resurrection) this egg-like personality breaks at the tip of the head. This is the reason, at the time of Easter, Christians offer eggs.

There is an "autonomous nervous system" working in our being. "Auto" means "Self", so who is this auto who is running this autonomous nervous system? Doctors have called it a self propelled system, but who is the "Self"?

The "Self" is the Spirit. This Spirit resides in the heart of every human being and is in a witness-like state. The Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty, while the Kundalini is the reflection of Power of God, of His desire which is the Primordial Mother, or you can call it Adi Shakti, Holy Ghost, or Athena. So the Kundalini is the reflection of God Almighty. The all-pervading power of love is the power of the Primordial Mother, which creates and evolves, and does all the living work.​

Location of chakras in the head
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Other Charka Charts
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