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At the very outset one has to be a seeker of truth and with scientific attitude one should approach this subtle subject. It should be treated respectfully like a hypothesis and if found by experiments as truth should be accepted by honest people in the spirit of honesty. Because this is for one's total benevolence and for the benevolence of the whole world.


In the modern times, all nations have to think why the modern civilization is killing all human values?

What we need is a careful introspection as to where we have gone wrong.

Where did we miss out on our pathway of progress?

How has this decadence crawled into our society?

Why are some of us sick with frustration and insecurity?

Why are some of the people of the progressive countries succumbing to physical and mental deterioration?

Science has no answer.


Se let us take to spirituality.

Why not ask a question - is there any other power that controls the universe ?

As described in the scriptures there is an all-pervading power of God's love (Paramchaitanya). It is a subtle power which does all living work and which cannot be felt at the level of human awareness. Sahaja Yoga means that a seeker of truth (Sadhaka) has the birth-right to get his Self-Realization (Atma Sakshatkar) spontaneously.


Self-realization or self-knowledge is the destination of human evolution and also of all the religions.

This is the last breakthrough a human being has to achieve, for which there is a complete living machinery placed in the human spinal cord and in the brain. This machinery is being established step by step during our evolution. This living machinery works through its power manifesting both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Whatever we achieved in evolution is expressed by our conscious mind through the central nervous system.

To connect us to this subtle energy which permeates into every atom and molecule, there is a power of pure desire which is placed in the sacrum bone of human beings, which is called as Kundalini. "Kundal" means "coils". It exists in three and a half coils. There is a Divine mathematical coefficient behind these three and a half coils.

This triangular bone is called "Sacrum", that means that the people in Greece in ancient times knew about this Divine sacred power of Kundalini. That is why they called this bone sacred. This sacred bone is placed at the base of the spinal cord and is triangular in shape. The Kundalini is like a connecting cord as in every piece of electrical machinery, which connects the machinery to the main source of electricity. In the same way, when this energy of Kundalini is awakened, threads (some of them) rise and ultimately connect the human being to the all-pervading power (Paramchaitanya).


It is a spontaneous happening, it is a living process. The whole evolution process has been a living process, and now a stage has come for human beings to have the last state of spiritual existence through Self-Realization. A human being can be compared to a seed which is not active spiritually, and has not started its living process of growth in spirituality, but when it is embedded in Mother Earth, Mother Earth has the power (with the help of the water) to sprout the seed. In the same way the Kundalini can be awakened spontaneously by the power of Sahaja Yoga. When the Kundalini rises, a new life process starts in the human awareness, resulting in the growth of spirituality. The spiritual life growth is a new state into which a human being starts growing in his innate Divinity. This enlightens his physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

This living process is very clearly described in Indian scriptures since ancient times. There are 108 Upanishads in the Sanskrit which have exposed the knowledge about Kundalini awakening and the spiritual ascent. Also it is indicated in other scriptures of other countries. In the Bible it is called the "Tree of Life" and it is quoted that "I will appear before you like tongues of flames".

When the Kundalini rises, she passes through various energy centers which look like tongues of flame when enlightened. 

The cool breeze of the Holy Ghost of Pentecost is this power that you can feel in Sahaja Yoga. The Gospel of Saint Thomas very clearly describes the Sahaja experience as the ultimate of our religious life. Also it says that we must look after our centers. This kundalini has to ascend and pierce through six solid centers which are placed in the spinal cord and in the brain. The last breakthrough is the actualization of the "Baptism" as one feels the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost emitting out of one's fontanelle bone area.

Sahaja Yoga is not a fashion or an alternative method to achieve self-realization. It is the ONLY method to achieve self-realization and sustain it. Therefore, in Sahaja Yoga there is no organization, no membership, no permanent list of people. There is no dead organization, but a living, collective, unified organism. The body has cells, after Self-realization the spirits of the cells are enlightened by Sahaja Yoga. The seeker's organism must grow through the awakening of the Kundalini.


Please note that after receiving Self-Realization, daily meditation is very important to sustain the benefits of Self-Realization. For this you do not need to depend on anybody or pay to anybody. You become your own master, your own guide.

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Overview of a 2-day program conducted for Oracle JAPAC employees in December 2021:

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Session details from a 21-day program for an OWL (Oracle Womens Leadership) group in March 2022:

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First you get into the state of thoughtless awareness is where you know everything but there's no thought. That is, you are in the present. You are neither in the future nor in the past, but you are the present where there is no thought. You watch everything, you see everything; but nothing you react. Just there, you are seeing. That's a very great state because when you just see something (without any thoughts about that thing), all the joy that is put into it by the creator just starts flowing into you. In that state you start growing spiritually.

In meditation you have to be absolutely effortless. Effortlessness is the only way to meditation. But you should not be lethargic about it – should be alert and watch it. If you doze off during meditation, nothing will work. If you are lazy about it, nothing will work. You have to be alert and opened, absolutely aware, completely effortless – absolutely effortless. If you are absolutely effortless, meditation will work the best. Just be effortless, absolutely effortless.

Meditation is for your own ascent, for your own capital gains and effortlessness is the keyword.

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