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Some of the Benefits of Sahaja Yog

There are so many blessings of Sahaja Yoga that it is impossible to compile them into one page, or even a book, as it would require volumes and volumes to assemble the experiences of Sahaja Yogis. However, we are including here some of them for the benefit of the reader:

  • You are constantly in contact with, or in fact, a part of the all pervading Divine power.

  • You become thoughtlessly aware. There's no thought, no reaction. As a result you become completely peaceful within yourself.

  • A person who has achieved this peace also emits peace and creates a peaceful atmosphere around him/herself.

  • You start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost on your fingertips, which represent the subtle energy centers. Thus you know the truth on your fingertips. You can feel your own subtle energy centers on your fingertips. You hands start to 'speak'.

  • Even the database of the inherited genes may be restructured after self-realization through the awakening of the Kundalini. As a result, a person who might have inherited genes indicating criminal tendency might become a good man.

  • These energy centers are responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and when they are affected or they are in jeopardy, people suffer from one disease or another. As a result of the awakening of the Kundalini and the nourishment and integration of these centers, you will feel an inner balance and you will enjoy good health.

  • Many diseases, even some incurable ones, have been cured by the awakening of the Kundalini.

  • Your attention becomes very pure. You know what is good for you and what is destructive for you.

  • In the light of the spirit you can see things much more clearly than before. 

  • All addictions drop off.

  • You can feel the absolute knowledge on the fingertips. 

  • You seek the truth by using his new awareness. And truth is one. All self-realized persons see this same truth. Thus conflicts are avoided.

  • Purely mental activity without Self-Realization leads to conflicting ideas and even wars. All this is avoided after Self-Realization.

  • You transcend all the limitations of race, religion and other ideas and you go beyond your mind to see and feel the reality and understand it.

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